giovedì 19 maggio 2011

Bangkok chaos engine

Bangkok all action

each square inch in contention
tuk tuks just left in search of a victim
in its place is a vendor, a cyclist, a punter
a biker, his son, the buses, the mayhem.

Round the corner a whore, a waitress, a dealer,
the cook and the conman, the baker, the buddhist
and the tourist in search of,
a belly of sleaze unseen by naive

A taste of pollution, drove to distraction
chinatown frenzy, endless in motion
with the traders, the bankers, the jewellers,
the villian, the sinners, the cynics, divine chaos engine.

frenzy of sounds, of colours and taste
brimming with action, faces and stories
chinatown buzzes, assault on the senses
forget the pollution, it's human condition.

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